Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Some good news

After many hours of waiting in line at PennDot(the Pennsylvania version of DMV) and AAA(registration goes through them), we finally have our Pennsylvania licenses and registration. Hurray! We are getting our car inspected for safety and emissions on Thursday. Please pray that it will not cost us too much and won't take very long(we only have this one vehicle). Our car has a problem with the check engine light always being on because of the O2 sensor, and last year it cost us over $300 and 2 weeks in time to have them get the light to turn off for long enough for us to pass inspection. Then the light came right back on and has been on ever since. Also, please continue to pray for our job searches(that we are diligent at applying and that the interview and hiring processes go quickly).

Monday, July 27, 2009

What's going on

Some news from P-burgh

Paul Martin, the groundskeeper, fell off a ladder and broke his pelvis and 2 ribs. He will be on worker's comp for a while. Please be in prayer for him for a quick recovery. He is moving next Monday to a new apartment, so Scott will be helping with that process. He was newly married in March, so this is quite a bit of stress on the couple. Please be in prayer for them.

Today we went to the DMV which here is called PennDOT(department of transportation) in downtown Pittsburgh. Parking is not easy in downtown Pittsburgh. The nearest parking garage wanted $11 per hour! We found a parking meter around the corner. We put in enough quarters for an hour, and then Scott had to go back and refill it while we waited to get our Pennsylvania licenses. Unfortunately, after over an hour and a half, Scott's number was called, and we discovered that we didn't have the proper documents we needed to get our licenses, so we will have to return tomorrow! Hopefully it will be a quicker process then.

Pittsburgh is a very diverse city. For example, on one side of Penn Avenue is a strip mall with an organic grocery store and a pet store that sells designer dogs. We went to Petland last week, and were asked if we wanted to hold a terridoodle( a mix between a terrier and a poodle). It was so cute, only 8 weeks old. Scott asked the clerk how much the dog was and he said $1500. We jtried not to look too alarmed!:) The price tag on the cage said $75. Then in fine print it read, per month! On the other side of Penn Avenue is a Giant Eagle grocery store with a security guard at the door, a Family Dollar store, and a liquor store where it is common to see drunk men begging for money. One block can be very different from the next. This is the case all over the city.

Today we saw a high speed chase of which we counted 13 police cars. Since we moved here, we've heard about numerous murders and gang activity, but this tends to be in the rougher neighborhoods.

Scott has applied for some part time computer science positions. Please be in prayer about his job search. The woman I am hoping to babysit for wasn't in church yesterday. She may be on vacation. Please continue to be in prayer about that. We would like for me to babysit for a Christian family that has the same views on spanking that we do.

We went to church at Providence RPC again yesterday. We are continuing to meet many nice people and are enjoying our fellowship with them. Abbey will be attending a 1 day VBS program on missions in Sudan for the children on Saturday morning. Then Carol and Joan will be arriving in the afternoon for a weekend stay.

We had a seminary student named Andrew Wallace come over for dinner on Friday evening. He's originally from Kansas and is Dr. Jerry O'Neill's second cousin. He's only been at the seminary for a quarter. Scott helped him with setting up networks in the new counseling center.
We hope to have many more people over eventually. The seminary no longer has a meal plan, so seminary bachelors are on their own for food. I think feeling sorry for them will help motivate us to invite them over!

Well, that's some of what's been going on here. Please keep us posted with everything in Fulton. Love you!

The Doherty's
Scott, Andrea, and Abigail

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tour of our apartment

Please overlook any messiness!

July 22, 2009

Hi again everyone. We are pretty much settled in now. We have the internet in our apartment now, so we'll be able to keep you updated more frequently. Scott has been busy doing work around the house. He has trimmed the hedges that were very overgrown and fixed some pipes so that we can have our washer set up. Today he has been working on fixing the steps on the back porch. The nice thing about it is that all the hours he spends on maintaining our apartment and yard can be counted toward the 4 hours a week he needs to work at the seminary. Scott has made friends with the groundskeeper because he keeps asking for tools. His name is Paul Martin. He is the father of Titus Martin, the associate pastor at College Hill RP. Abbey has made friends with the neighbor boy upstairs. His name is Stephen. They like to ride bikes and run around the back yard together. He is very friendly. This morning he sat on the steps and looked at us through our kitchen window waiting for Abbey to come out and play.:) On Sunday we visited Provdence RPC. The pastor there is Rutledge Etheride. A seminary student who was doing his summer internship preached on the beatitudes. They have a fellowship lunch following worship every Sunday. We stayed for that and met a lot of nice people. The church has many children, which is very exciting for Abbey. She partcipated in the Sunday School class for 3-5 year olds. It's very similar to Debbie's class, so Abbey was able to partcipate even though she's not quite 3 yet. Andrea met someone that she might be able to babysit for. Her name is Julie and her son's name is Joshua. He currently goes to day care. Please pray that the Lord would give Andrea this opportunity. Scott got to meet Dr. Dennis Prutow, the seminary professor of homiletics(preaching) on Sunday. CJ Williams, professor of Old Testament studies, is an elder at the church. We have decided to attend Providence RPC as our regular church in Pittsburgh. Pray that many new friendships would grow there. Tonight we are attending a fellowship dinner at the seminary. Please pray that we are welcomed into the seminary community and establish friendships with the people there. As for the city, we really haven't done much sightseeing. We will probably do more of that when we have visitors. Carol and Joan are coming to visit us in 10 days. We look forward to it! We are happy to hear that Dominic Maggio will be joining the membership of the Fulton church. Please let us know how we can continue to pray you.
The Doherty's
Scott, Andrea, and Abigail

July 14, 2009

Hi everyone! We're sorry it's taken us so long to give you an update on everything. We don't have internet access yet. We will be getting it, Lord willing, on Monday and then will be able to give more frequent updates. Thank you for all your prayers. The move went smoothly. We love our new apartment. It is very spacious and we are having lots of fun getting it just the way we want it. We worshipped at Covenant RP Church in downtown Pittsburgh on Sunday. We didn't stay too long after the service, as Scott was exhausted after carrying so many heavy things the previous day. Our upstairs neighbors are from Kenya. They have two boys, a four year old and a seven month old. They left for a week long conference yesterday, so we've only had one brief interaction with them so far. We haven't really explored the neighborhood too much yet, except for occasional trips to the store. We've been busy getting things looking nice. Some things are still in boxes! Hopefully we'll finish unpacking everything tomorrow. We miss you and love you! Please let us know how things are going on your end. Please feel free to forward this to anyone, as I'm not sure I have everyone's up to date email address. I will try to write again after Monday and post some pictures.