Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 14, 2009

Hi everyone! We're sorry it's taken us so long to give you an update on everything. We don't have internet access yet. We will be getting it, Lord willing, on Monday and then will be able to give more frequent updates. Thank you for all your prayers. The move went smoothly. We love our new apartment. It is very spacious and we are having lots of fun getting it just the way we want it. We worshipped at Covenant RP Church in downtown Pittsburgh on Sunday. We didn't stay too long after the service, as Scott was exhausted after carrying so many heavy things the previous day. Our upstairs neighbors are from Kenya. They have two boys, a four year old and a seven month old. They left for a week long conference yesterday, so we've only had one brief interaction with them so far. We haven't really explored the neighborhood too much yet, except for occasional trips to the store. We've been busy getting things looking nice. Some things are still in boxes! Hopefully we'll finish unpacking everything tomorrow. We miss you and love you! Please let us know how things are going on your end. Please feel free to forward this to anyone, as I'm not sure I have everyone's up to date email address. I will try to write again after Monday and post some pictures.

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