Thursday, August 6, 2009

Answered Prayer

I am still waiting to hear back from Staples. They need to talk to the head manager and he will call me tomorrow.
If you look at one of our earlier posts you can see the prayer request about the car inspection. We had some O2 sensor problem and other codes that came up on the computer diagnostics for our car. In PA, like in NY, you cannot pass inspection if your dash light is on, and ours never goes off.
The mechanic to whom we went reset the light and told me that when it went back on he would be able to tell which code triggered the light. Well, last time we had to get the O2 thing worked on, it was a few hundred dollars.
So he shut off the light on Friday and we drove it around until Monday. I made and appointment for the second part of the test on Tuesday and the light never went back on. We passed the inspection and do not have anything wrong with our car.

Praise the Lord, it is great to be spared that large expense.

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