Friday, September 4, 2009


Andrea has been sick with either a bad cold or flu all week, and now Scott is sick. Abbey's been mildly sick. We've been feverish and very tired and poor Scott has to work from 1:30-10:30 at Home Depot today and from 8-5 tomorrow(Andrea is writing this and she feels really sorry for her husband). Anyway we don't want to be a bunch of complainers, but we would really appreciate your prayers for our health. Scott starts classes on Monday evening and will be working a lot of hours at Home Depot because they are short on cashiers. We want him to start the school year out well, so if you think of us, please say a prayer for him. Monday is orientation at the seminary and there will be a picnic for all the students, faculty, and their families. We're looking forward to meeting everyone. Andrea is estimated to be about 9 weeks pregnant now. She hasn't had a doctor's appt yet because we're still working on getting health insurance issues taken care of. So far things seem to be going well. We pray multiple times a day for the baby's health. We call the baby "Peanut" because our baby book said that the baby could fit inside a peanut shell. Abbey is constantly talking about what she will do with the baby when it 'comes out.' She is so excited to be a big sister. Andrea started watching Joshua last week. Things are going well. She is using a sort of homeschool preschool curriculum with the kids that she has made up using various resources from the library and things we already have at home. She is excited to see how much they'll learn this year! For those of you who haven't heard already, the G20 summit will be here in Pittsburgh later this month. It's a good reminder to pray for our leaders. They desperately need the Lord and His wisdom! We'd love to hear how you are doing. Please send us a quick email and let us know how things are going for you.
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