Thursday, September 17, 2009

What we've been up to

Scott started classes last week and things seem to be going very well. He is a little hard pressed for time because he is working quite a bit, but he's staying on top of things so far. He can tell you more about it. So far I know he's had to memorize the first four questions of the Westminster Shorter Catechism, the Greek alphabet, and do lots of reading. In his Spiritual Development class he has to meet with a prayer partner once a week which is really nice. We met many new students and their families at the orientation last week, and are continuing to fellowship with them over a meal on Wednesday nights. One of the students we met is from Kobe Presbytery in Japan. It's very cool to know that this seminary is training people to preach the gospel throughout the world, and that we get to know some of those people. At the orientation, they said that this is the largest incoming class that the seminary has every had. Undoubtedly, many elders have been training Timothy's and are part of why these men are here. The elders in Fulton have surely played a significant role in getting Scott here, as well as so many other people that have supported us and continue to do so. Andrea started attending a women's bible study at the North Hills RP church upon invitation from our neighbor. The group is studying the book of James. Gretchen Robson(wife of Ed Robson), who is a regular contributor to the Fulton church, attends the study. It was nice to finally meet her. She is so nice.:) The church has child care, which is so wonderful! I get to focus on the study for 2 whole hours without interruption. It is something I really look forward during the week! I am 11 weeks pregnant now and so far things seem pretty normal. I have to wait for my health insurance to go through before I can get any lab work done. I had a preliminary visit at the Liberty Family Health Center where I answered questions. Please pray that I get insurance quickly. My morning sickness is mostly gone but I still have lots of fatigue. Other than that I feel fine. Abbey will be turning 3 in a few weeks. Time has flown by so fast. She will be having a Sesame Street themed birthday party. I'm not going to make the party as huge as I normally do, but I will still try to make it a fun time for her. We picked up some decorations I found at Target today. Love the dollar section. I'll have to post pictures from the party on the blog. The G-20 summit is next week here in Pittsburgh, and it's supposed to be crazy busy as far as traffic etc. There are many protests planned throughout the city, so please pray that people stay peaceful and safe. Sorry for the lack of organization in my writing. I tend to just write whatever pops into my head. Well, ta ta for now.

Andrea for the Doherty family

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