Saturday, December 25, 2010

Eddie Bellinger, an exemplary businessman

I am so impressed with the way Eddie Bellinger treated me as his customer, that I feel compelled to give him public praise. I am currently residing in Pittsburgh, PA, and came to Fulton to visit family for Christmas. The water pump on my car was leaking badly and needed to be repaired quickly. Mr. Bellinger made me his only appointment for Christmas Eve and worked on my car all by himself. He even waited for me to pick up my car for an extra two hours because my ride's car was also having problems. When I arrived, he greeted me with a smile and charged me a very minimal amount considering the cost of the part and the work done. I will not hesitate to recommend Bellinger's to anyone that needs car repairs done. I bought my first car from Mr. Bellinger over five years ago,a 2000 Chevy Lumina, and I am still driving it today thanks to his help. All businessmen should learn from his example.

Andrea Doherty

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